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Apprentices value the training that they receive. They benefit from up-to-date and relevant training that broadens their skills and prepares them well for new responsibilities. For example, apprentices on the human resource practitioner programme have received training on the government furlough scheme and have learned how to process flexible working requests in response to the significant rise of these during the pandemic.



Apprentices develop substantial new knowledge, skills and behaviours during their programmes. For example, business administration apprentices learn how to devise useful scorecards for recording their companies’ sales.


Human resource practitioner apprentices know how to look out for potential signs of bullying and harassment when considering risks in the employee investigations that they manage.

John McMahon 

Managing Director

Within the CIPD consultant partner apprenticeship programme, we aim links theoretical perspectives to the practical HR role within the current organisational environment. For example, during pandemic, within the programme we have discussed topics such as maintaining employee engagement during remote working, and the implications for management practice.  Issues such as changes to employment relations practice and absence management policy to handle Covid rule changes have also been covered.  Other recent issues, such as court decisions clarifying rules on care worker overnight pay have also been brought into the sessions.  HR is a dynamic discipline supporting constantly evolving organisational strategy and the programme aims to reflect this.


Mike Elliot
Learning Coach
Human Resources



Sue Bruce
Learning Coach


Within the CMI  operations manager  apprenticeship programme, we aim we support on;

Observations on work practices including chairing meeting and supervisions and immediate feedback to and reflection from the Learner.

Questionnaires including psychometric feedback for the individual . Questionnaires include Honey & Mumford, 16 Personalities, Emotional Intelligence dimensions, Leadership Style and Belbin etc-Chartered Management checklists and best practice.

Sharing  articles such as Forbes insights, blogs ,videos and podcasts with Learners as part of blended Learning ,Sharing resources for key areas of development such as managing conflict, managing change, well-being of Learners supervisees and themselves, project management skills, Budgeting skills, performance management, coaching and mentoring and so on.


I offer the additional behavior workshops on  building confidence around online training and delivery. Most of our students have become confident in attending online learning and the odd poll / breakout room etc. I  have tasked them to research and present back on allocated topics, or their own experiences (to address skills and behaviours) using tech, PowerPoint and presentation skills.


 I have run Excel workshops for my groups who have to do data analysis.

I have also run special interest workshops on topics requested by the students – e.g. TUPE, project management etc.

We reinforce accessing their professional institute – it’s local branches, events and resources including those on wellbeing / hybrid working / diversity etc.

One of the main things is being a sounding board / support / positive third party in their working life.



Keri Brennan
Learning Coach
Human Resources



Pankajni Trivedi
Learning Coach
Human Resources

Within the Business Admin  apprenticeship programme, we aim we support on;

Access to the LRC to  help  improve  business writing skills including Harvard referencing

Excel training 

For the BA project – learning how to manage a project and then complete a work-based project/s

How to create a gantt chart and then apply it for not just the project being completed but other projects going forward

PESTLE analysis – not all learners are aware of what this is, so by understanding what it is and using it when change takes place.

Understanding stakeholders, who they are and how they fit in when completing projects – this allows the learner to complete the stakeholder matrix

Functional skills and further support , we aim we support on;

Access to the Learning Resource Centre to  help  improve  business writing skills including Harvard referencing tips. Also can  be an extra layer of support for maths in liaison with Learning Coaches & the Functional skills  Tutor.

Dedicated and accessible Functional Skills Tutor who works with Learning  Coaches to support the Learner in the most effective way for the individual. Learning  Coaches feedback to the Functional Skills Tutor as we pick up on areas for development.

Help with CVs and job applications for in-house promotion ( we encourage) or if made redundant.


Fran Renphrey
Learning Coach
Functional Skills Coach


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