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We pride ourselves on the quality of our delivery, enabling employers to meet key business objectives while ensuring learners receive the support they need to progress. Our programmes span a broad range of  leadership & management, Professional Services, Human Resources ,Learning  & Development-and Project Management. We’re dedicated to helping you grow the skills you need – now and in the future



John is the Managing Director of Together Training, appointed in July 2017. Prior to this, John was the Director of Curriculum and Apprenticeships at West Herts College. During this time, John has amassed extensive knowledge of the Apprenticeship Levy and the needs of Levy paying organisations.

He, together with his experienced team are able to help businesses identify how a wide range of Apprenticeships can provide efficient, cost-effective training solutions.

“Our aim is to provide high quality education and training that allows Apprentices to reach their potential and for employers to access a high level of professional support to enable them to develop their talent pool.

“Our approach is flexible and agile. Our Learning Coaches have up to date industry knowledge which enables Apprentices to develop the highest level of skills needed in a changing and fast-moving workplace.

“We work closely with employers and other partners, with a wide network of expertise to achieve the best outcomes for employers and Apprentices.

“We are committed to careers, advice and guidance to allow for a clear pathway for progression and higher qualifications.”


Leadership Team

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Felicity Profit
Delivery Manager 

Silvia Pinto
Compliance Officer 

Zahra Owen
Skills Coach 

Safiyah Shah
Programme  Officer 

Working together to unlock potential

We  collaborate with employers of all sizes and co-create high quality apprenticeship delivery plans to support apprentices in gaining new knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Offering support and guidance around the apprenticeship levy , Together Training helps you get the most out of your investment and removes the burden of levy management.


We design and deliver programmes tailored to your needs, ensuring the training provided supports your organisation’s learning and development strategy.

Our high-quality apprenticeships enable individuals of all ages to build a rewarding career – from new recruits to sector specialists and experienced leaders.



Mission Statement.


Together Training will inspire employers to invest in education and training to create a workforce that has the skills needed to boost employee productivity and prosperity