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It is important for Together Training  to collect regular feedback from apprentices and their employers.

With your input we can continue to improve and ensure that we're providing the best possible service. Learning is at the heart of everything we do, so it's important to us to keep striving to understand how we can do more

Learner Feedback 

Together Training retains learner and stakeholder feedback through several mechanisms to provide a cohesive picture of the quality of the learner experience from different perspectives. 


Together Training utilises the following mechanisms to obtain feedback  

  • feedback from progress reviews

  • feedback from learner evaluation snapshots

  • Together Training complaints and compliments service  

  • observation of teaching learning and assessment  

  • apprenticeship feedback 

  • learner surveys 

  • analysis of online / social media feedback 

If  would like to provide us with some feedback about your experience then please feel free to contact us by emailing :



Employer Feedback 

Together Training  obtain some clear feedback through a number of formal mechanisms including: 

  • Reviews conducted at the end of practical period /Gateway point  

  • regular approval/contract reviews  

  • Regular apprenticeship tri-partite reviews 

  • six monthly line manager surveys for apprenticeship programs 


Employer feedback is published on the Find Apprenticeship Training website when the provider is searched for.


Complaints Policy 

If you're not satisfied and would like to raise a complaint then please read through our complaints procedure and email Quality team on ;

Group Discussion
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