Our Approach

Using our years of experience, we'll work to get the most from your time and make the Levy work for you.

Who we are

Together Training is brought to you by Oaklands College and West Herts College, both of whom are significant levy-paying employers themselves, so you can rely on us to have a firm grasp of the practicalities.
It’s this hands-on experience that keeps our account managers up to date and focused firmly on what matters most: skills development, productivity and financial return.
Check out our Employer Handbook for more information.

About the


The Apprenticeship Levy is a payroll tax in effect since April 2017. The Levy is designed to fund three million new apprentices across the UK by 2020.
The Levy affects all organisations with a PAYE wage bill in excess of £3m. HMRC collects a fee equal to 0.5% of an organisation's payroll to go towards their Levy fund.
To help cut through the jargon, we have collated all the key Levy information in one place. 


your funds

Levy-funds will be deposited into your digital account, and you can spend those funds on training apprentices. Importantly, apprentices can be new recruits or existing members of staff.

There are different ways of maximising your fund, dependent on your industry. The Government are introducing new apprenticeship standards all of the time, and many programmes can be flexed to suit your staff. We can simplify the process and use our experience to help you and your staff succeed.

At Together Training, we will always listen. Our large range of apprenticeship offering means we can hand pick the right programmes for you.

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