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End-Point Assessment (EPA) is the process of formally and independently validating that an apprentice has reached the required standard at the end of their programme and developed the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours to do their job. 

Employers, with the support of their chosen training provider, will choose which End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) they want to assess their apprentices from the approved Register of End-Point Assessment Organisations published by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

The end-point assessments have been designed by employers in the sector. The activities are different for every apprenticeship, but they all follow the same overall structure.

Register of Approved EPAO -

For example, the apprentice may need to complete:


  • a practical assessment

  • an interview

  • a project

  • written and/or multiple-choice tests

  • a presentation


When you enter the final stages of the apprenticeship journey, this is the time to consider the necessary requirements for your apprentice to attain the highest possible grade and achieve their apprenticeship. This part of the apprenticeship is the End Point Assessment and consists of the follow stages 

Summative Portfolio 

The summative portfolio is the collection of assessment plans completed throughout the year; these will demonstrate the work place competencies set out in the apprenticeship standard. This evidence, along with the reflective learning log will be used to highlight all technical and non-technical training completed within the apprenticeship. 

Your Summative Portfolio is a compilation of the best work-based evidence that you have gathered through your apprenticeship within your assessment plans. 

Employer Reference 

The employer reference is your opportunity to promote and praise your apprentice and provide examples of ways in which they have displayed their newly acquired skills and behaviours in their job role. The completed assessment plans are a clear indicator your apprentice has demonstrated how they adhere to the key skills and behaviours within their role. Therefore, a full review of all completed assessment plans is recommended to accurately complete the employer reference. 

Synoptic Project 

The synoptic project is a business-related project to be completed over up to 5 days in the workplace. We will provide you and the apprentice with a choice of work-related project scenarios and you should decide between you the preferred project. Once you have made your choice, you are then to let us know, and we will submit the choice to the awarding body.  



 Within a few weeks of completing the project, you and your apprentice will receive the date and time of the apprentice’s interview; this will be conducted via an online conference call. The interview will be a discussion based around the synoptic project, summative portfolio and any work related topics the End Point Assessor deems necessary to discuss. 


Apprentice journey

Your journey to EPA

On-programme delivery

  • Training, learning and practical experience

  • Achieve English and Maths (if not already held)

  • Regular progress review and reflective accounts

  • Completion of portfolio of evidence


  • Employer, training provider and you confirm readiness for EPA

  • Training provider submits documents to Progress Minded, examples include:

    • Maths & English certificates

    • Portfolio of evidence

    • Signed declaration

    • Other mandatory evidence required for the standard

Planning and preparation

  • EPA dates and locations agreed by employer and Progress Minded

  • Assessor will review evidence

  • Discuss and agree any reasonable adjustments required


  • Carrying out assessment methods required

  • These methods vary by standard but may include:

    • Knowledge test (often multiple choice)

    • Observation

    • Presentation

    • Project interview

    • Professional discussion