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Building Skills for Better Futures.
From new talent just starting their career to experienced talent taking it to the next level, we believe everyone has the potential to be excellent. That’s why we strive to create it every day.

Vision Statement

TT will inspire employers to invest in education and training to create a workforce that has the skills needed to boost employee productivity and prosperity.


Mission Statement

Through the provision of innovative apprenticeship education and training opportunities, Together Training will support business leaders to empower and enable their employees to engage in training that develops the skills they need to be successful.  


Values Statement

Together Training will deliver its Vision by working to core values that establish a culture of decision-making that is based entirely on ethical behaviour.  Core values include:


Customer Commitment: Together Training will develop relationships that make a positive difference to businesses and employees 

Quality: Together Training will provide outstanding education and training that delivers premium value to employers

Value for Money: Together Training will provide employers with good value for money in terms of the impact of training on their business 

Integrity: Together Training will uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions 

Teamwork: Together Training will work collaboratively with others to better meet the needs of its clients as and when necessary

Respect for People: Together Training will model professional behaviors through the expectations and treatment of its employees 

Corporate Citizenship: Together Training will remain mindful of impact it can have on the communities within which it operates

A will to be successful: Together Training will exhibit a strong will to be successful and deliver on all its business objectives 

Accountability: Together Training will apply its best endeavors to deliver on all of its commitments 

The Apprenticeship Offer


Together Training works closely with Local Enterprise Partnerships to ensure it is closely aligned with the local labour market and skills priorities.  In addition, Together Training is fully embedded within key local and regional employer networking mechanisms to maintain up to date intelligence of emerging and changing skills requirements. 


Having a clear understanding of local and regional skills needs is essential for Together Training. It informs curriculum planning and ensures that the apprenticeships offered are aligned to the demands of the local labour market


 Together Training has engaged with the development of new apprenticeship standards to support new occupations that need a skills soloution.TT is currently supporting Trailblazer groups for Safeguarding Apprenticeship and the Public Sector Compliance Investigator / Officer. This ensures that Together Training is at the forefront of developing Apprenticeships that employers need locally and regionally.

A new wider set of skills has also been identified following on from Covid -19 working restrictions.

•           Home working and remote management – working from home and learning to manage high performing home-based team

•           Workplace well-being – supporting employee and team well-being at a time of huge uncertainty, pressure and change

•           Resilience and development – personally learning, growing and inspiring others whilst building resilience and confident

TT will offer further support in these areas to address the new skills needed in what was once an office type role which has now switched to online /working from home.



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