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Zoe Reader tells us of her successful apprenticeship as part of National Apprenticeship Week, working as a Sourcing Specialist at IHG Hotels & Resorts

As part of National Apprenticeship week, we’ve been reaching out to Together Training apprentices to ask them about their apprenticeship, the skills they’ve developed and how their apprenticeship programmes have defined a clear career path.

Meet Zoe Reader, a Sourcing Specialist at the prestigious hospitality company, IHG Hotels & Resorts. Zoe is responsible for leading on sourcing projects for IHG in a range of different areas, from marketing to legal services.


Zoe states the skills she has developed throughout her apprenticeship are immeasurable. She is comfortable working with senior leaders within IHG, as well as critical stakeholders outside of the company.

Zoe’s apprenticeship has really helped her to understand her career aspirations, which many people can be unsure about without industry experience. She plans to continue her education in CIPS and she looks forward to applying everything she has learnt so far into her future assignments and projects.

Zoe Reader.png

Zoe Reader
Sourcing Specialist 
IHG Hotels & Resorts

Zoe states that without her apprenticeship, she doubts she’d have known she had such a passion for her job, additionally her apprenticeship has really helped her drive to improve every day, doing an apprenticeship has really supported her journey and helped her to understand what she wants to do next.

Together Training can offer tailored apprenticeship solutions for your business. To find out more information, contact John McMahon.

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