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Together Training supports visually impaired apprentice 

Together Training have worked with Hertfordshire County Council to create a tailor-made, unique offering package to help visually impaired apprentice Audrey Tonge, complete a Level 3 Business Administration with Level 2 Functional Skills.



Audrey is currently employed as a Business Administrator Apprentice within the St Albans Adult Disability Team at Hertfordshire County Council,  and is being supported by Together Training practitioner Fran Renphrey who specialises in getting apprentices to a successful end point assessment within Functional Skills.


Fran said: “Audrey is working steadily through the required knowledge, skills and behaviours with carefully planned 1:1 support with myself and various members of the Together Training team.

“The programme resources have been adapted to suit her needs, taking into consideration the excellent tools and skills which she already uses to carry out her job role. Audrey has gained a better understanding of business fundamentals, organisational structure, and other knowledge areas for this apprenticeship which she is applying to her day to day roles and responsibilities.  


“Audrey will be using Braille documents to progress through and prepare for the Functional Skills English and maths assessments. The Together Training apprenticeship resources have been made user friendly for Audrey and I have worked closely with her to create new documents that were not  suitable.”


John McMahon, Managing Director at Together Training added: “Fran has needed to adapt her style of teaching, streamlining each apprenticeship masterclass or functional skill session, ensuring Audrey is making steady progress for each milestone and can complete the qualification in the planned timescale.”

To find out more about the Level 3 Business Administration course, please click here.

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