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This new apprenticeship standard has been designed by employers; it can help successful apprentices develop the skills to deal with the sorts of complex and strategic issues faced by senior managers.


Systems thinking approaches have been developed specifically to address the complexity and uncertainty with which many organisations and their leaders are wrestling, for example: building effective collaborations between organisations, integrating health and social care into service ecosystems, or addressing societal or sectoral challenges. Systems thinking is a broad and rich discipline which uses rigorously-tested approaches across a diverse range of contexts; it is equally applicable in a single organisation, or in a multi-layer and multi-organisational context.

Practitioners support decision-makers in strategic and leadership roles to make sense of complex situations and intractable challenges, make better decisions, improve the solutions they implement, and generate sustainable learning cultures.


This apprenticeship is taught at Level 7, duration 36  months.


There will be a blended learning approach to the training provided during this programme. 

  • Online Face to face

  • Virtual Masterclasses

  • Online Content

  • 1-1 Coaching 

Professional recognition

  • Systems & Complexity in Organisations (SCiO) for Advanced Practitioner level 7

This new  has been designed by employers; it can lead successful apprentices into a variety of project management careers and progression into professional qualifications.


  • ·       Overview of systems thinking

  • ·       Designing and developing Viable Systems 

  • ·       Managing Soft Systems problems and uncertainty 

  • ·       Understanding Systems Dynamics 

  • ·       Understanding boundaries and power in Critical Systems

  • ·       Developing Patterns of Strategy in ecosystems 

  • ·       Systems concepts principles and laws

  • ·       Gathering and analysing information and intelligence

  • ·       Group dynamics 

  • ·       Intervention approaches

  • ·       Implementing change

  • ·       Communicating and collaborating

  • ·       Ethics

  • ·       Assessment and evaluation

Guest Speakers


Dr Khalid Samara


Lecturer in Business Systems and Project Management


My research is in the areas of organisational change, knowledge management practices and systems thinking. I have a strong interest in individual level behavioural change, and the interactions among people within complex organisational environments that is undergoing change. My research also combines insights of change leadership incorporating a systemic change thinking perspective and knowledge management practices with a particular focus on knowledge sharing behaviours to study how the interplay between organisational change behaviours and individual level differences to knowledge sharing practices.

Dr Khalid Samara


 Dr Golda  Komanapalli is a Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Methods in Strategy and Management Department in the Business School at University of Bedfordshire. She gained her PhD from the Department of Accounting and Finance in Business School at London South Bank University, UK before moving on to work at the University of Bedfordshire. She currently manages and coordinates two MBA programmes in the UK, Sri Lanka, Malta, and Dhaka. Golda was also the Course Coordinator for the BSc (Hons) Business Management, one of the largest UG courses in the Business School overall responsibility for over thousand students in the UK, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. She has been instrumental in working with partner institutions with a strong focus on student experience. 

Golda’s research interests are in extending the application of systems approaches to all job types and roles to systems complexity and model dynamic behaviour.

Dr Golda Komanapalli


Personal Profile Dr Kwasi Danquah: Lecturer School of Leadership and Management.


Dr Danquah has experience in establishing and operationalising systems within industry. He has implemented enterprise change and strategies for business entities. His experience in industry spans over 15 years and has worked with entities such CSC, Johnson and Johnson and SUS-Energy just to mention a few. He is currently consulting on how FSTE 100 companies can adopt sustainability strategies and ISO standards into their systems and operations.  

Dr Kwasi Danquah

Learning Coaches

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