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Together Training secures partnership with St Albans City and District Council to up-skill all levels of staff

Nine employees in total are currently studying the apprenticeship programme, looking to upskill as junior managers with the high quality training from our experienced learning coaches.

Together Training Managing Director, John McMahon, said: “We are delighted to have secured a partnership with St Albans City and District Council and I am looking forward to seeing their employees finish with a qualification which will enhance their careers.

“All businesses need their employees, across vital departments to be trained efficiently so that they can do their job with confidence and expertise.


"The programme is designed to upskill existing employees and new recruits to strengthen the leadership skills within your business. They focus on contextualised management competencies and behaviours to improve organisational performance.”

Guest speaker Joe Tavernier, Head of Community Services at

St Albans City & District Council

“Their Learning Coaches’ plan individualised sessions and reviews very effectively, taking account of the apprentices’ starting points and previous learning so that they can make good progress. We work closely with the Managing Director of Together Training to plan the programme delivery and allow apprentices to complete their off the job hours in a timely manner.


“Having completed their apprenticeship, our learners will be able to demonstrate the skills, knowledge and experience required for their next step in their career.


“We have an effective relationship with Together Training and have been able to tailor aspects of the programme to fit with our business priorities, values and behaviours. We have found Together Training to be very accessible and professional.”

Together Training’s apprenticeship offer is designed to create an end-to-end talent pipeline throughout businesses, using content that reinforces the same ideas but is delivered at different levels depending on management experience and role.

Joe Tavernier with the Together Training apprentices

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