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This new apprenticeship standard has been designed by employers, it can lead successful apprentices into a variety of careers structured around employability advice and progression into professional qualifications.


Assisting individuals or organisations with identifying learning and training needs is the overall focus of a Learning and Development Practitioner. Responsible for developing and/or sourcing training solutions, this member of staff will typically have expertise and competence in their specific field.

Level and Duration

This apprenticeship is taught at Level 3, over 18-24 months.

Learning Approach

There will be a blended learning approach to the training provided during this programme. 

  • Face to face

  • Masterclasses

  • Online Content

  • Coaching in the workplace

Levy Spend Approved

Together Training apprenticeships are Levy spend approved for investment from your allocation.


  • Assoc CIPD

Modules of Study

  • Business and commercial understanding

  • Identifying training and development needs

  • Developing a learning culture

  • Understanding the function of learning and development

  • Planning and delivering learning and development schemes

  • Budget and resource management

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