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Coronavirus has meant a dramatic change to the way businesses operate and how their employees work. Crises of this magnitude mean sudden immediate changes, but they also have profound long-term implications.

In the days and weeks ahead the strategic resourcing decisions your organisation take will shape its future. Critical will be the support you give to your managers and their management of your workforce. Managers will need help. For professional people-based businesses, managers now more than ever need to be skilled in three key areas:

  • Home working and remote management – working from home and learning to manage high performing home-based teams

  • Workplace well-being – supporting employee and team well-being at a time of huge uncertainty, pressure and change

  • Resilience and development – personally learning, growing and inspiring others whilst building resilience and confident

Managing these challenges will require practical management skills, emotional intelligence and personal insight. Leadership and management is ultimately about people and the current situation will require managers to understand and respond to the emotional and psychological needs of those they manage in a way they have not seen before.

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Top tips for Working from home.

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Listening and responding

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Managing your emails

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Setting up your environment

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Leadership Styles

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Managing Stress

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Maintaining work/life boundaries

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Emotional Intelligence

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Building Healthy Habbits

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Filling Out Prescriptions

How to be resislient


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Dealing with uncertanity


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