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Apprentice, Louise smith, Diabetes

Strategic Account Operations Specialist 

at Medtronic, was on the most recent

completed Level 4 Project Management


Louise gained a Level 4 APM Diploma  .


“Whilst on the programme, I moved laterally into a new team, within a completely different area. Some of the modules I completed as part of the Diploma, including managing stakeholders, setting a project and strategic development, really helped with this transition.

“Overall the format of the programme and the clear structure made it very manageable.”

“I never felt overwhelmed. I enjoyed the blended nature of the materials, and the bite-sized chunks of learning, but my favourite element was undoubtedly the coaching. My coach Richard, had a vast amount of Leadership and Management knowledge and it was very useful to have someone outside my organisation to bring a different perspective. Richard had been my APM PMQ tutor for the past 2.5 years and has been absolutely fantastic.

He has instilled so much confidence in me, even my colleagues and managers have all noticed a shift in confidence.  As well, they come to me for project help which shows a level of trust in my learnings.  Richard has always been approachable, he doesn’t mind answering any questions I have, repeatedly!  

He undoubtedly goes above and beyond his duties, quite often he has had to meet me more than usual.  I personally found it difficult in gaining knowledge on project management help within Medtronic, he was always there to offer guidance and ideas, I am sure he knows more about Medtronic than our new starters!  He also helps outside of his remit too, he gave a few of us a lesson in excel for people who wanted to know more 


He clearly had a vested interest in developing and supporting me.


“The nature of this type of apprenticeship training is very comprehensive. I had a skills gap having never managed a large team at the start of the programme. By the end of the programme I was sufficiently confident to run the large team that I now manage. I believe the course gave me the ability to fast-track into that role and embarking on this programme helped me to achieve this promotion. I recommend the Together Training  to all other managers at Medtronic who want to develop their leadership skills.”

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