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Herts County Council employees sign up to Together Training programmes

Together Training recently secured a partnership with Hertfordshire County Council, where several council employees signed up to our management programmes.




Hertfordshire County Council originally contacted Together Training looking for support with their Levy and upskilling of middle managers.

Together Training’s Leadership & Management training suite in partnership with CMI, which includes the Level 3 Team Leader and the Level 5 Operations Manager programmes, embeds communication skills within every module and element, endorsing just how important communication is within the management world.

Gemma Zabbar, Senior HR Officer at Hertfordshire County Council, said: “We have an excellent working relationship with Together Training and have found them to be flexible in their approach, understanding of our needs and willing to tailor apprenticeships to meet these, as appropriate.

“They provide detailed information on what can be recorded as 20% off the job training and support in completing this. The Managing Director and staff are knowledgeable, approachable and supportive to Hertfordshire County Council as a whole and to the apprentices.”

The council also run the Hertfordshire Apprenticeship Alliance brings together the public organisations in Hertfordshire, working to maximise the opportunities from the apprenticeship levy.

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