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Every Apprenticeship, regardless of sector or level, is now designed around a specific job role. For that job role, employers have determined what are the key Knowledge areas employees need to know and the key Skills and Behaviours employees need to demonstrate to prove they are competent in that role. These Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours are then listed and described in what’s called an Apprenticeship ‘standard’.

Essentially, whilst you are on the Apprenticeship you are working to learn the knowledge (usually through completion of a professional qualification) and develop and demonstrate the skills and behaviours (through interactive workshops, 1-2-1s, e-learning and be shown new skills in the workplace).

At the end of the Apprenticeship, you must then demonstrate everything you’ve learned in an End Point Assessment, which will be independently assessed. The End Point Assessment is specifically designed to test your career-ready skills, and may consist of a reflective statement, interview, professional discussion, or a portfolio. Your EPA gives you and your employer the confidence that you have met the standard required for that particular job role and help to progress your career.

  • Taught by industry tutors

  • Dedicate 20% of your working time towards your studies

  • Receive a recognised qualification

  • Apply what you learn in your job, helping to advance your career.

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