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Apprenticeship curriculum checklist



What do you intend learners to learn?

Does your curriculum develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours learners need to

progress in education or employment?

Is your curriculum intent sequenced so learners can build on previous learning and develop

the new knowledge they need?

Does your curriculum intent promise to deliver the KSBs in the standard that are necessary

for the job role?

Does your curriculum link KSBs together in a transferable way?

What are the end points and the next steps after the curriculum?

Does your curriculum have opportunities for all learners, no matter their level, to have high

vocational or academic ambitions?

How will you stretch and challenge learners?

Does your curriculum take into account the needs of the learner, employer and local


Do your coaches, trainers and staff understand the intent of your curriculum, how it will be

implemented, how the impact will be measured, and what this means for their practice?

Does your curriculum take into account the core values of your organisation and sector?


Do your coaches or trainers have expert knowledge of the sector?

Is your curriculum delivered in a way that allows learners to transfer key knowledge to longterm


Does your curriculum take into account the learner's previous learning and develop their

knowledge in a personalised way?

Are learners working towards defined end points?

is the curriculum implemented in a way that allows learners to apply their knowledge?

Are evaluations used to help coaches and trainers assess the competency of learners and

produce clear next steps for learners?


Have learners attained good results in examinations and end-point assessment?

Have learners produced good work throughout the implementation of the curriculum?

Can learners apply the knowledge and skills they've gained?

Have all learners acquired the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to progress in

employment or education?

Have learners progressed in relation to their starting point and rate of learning?

Have learners been stretched and challenged to achieve ambitious targets?

Have learners with additional learning needs achieved the best possible outcomes?

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