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Safeguarding means ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our learners.

At Together Training  this means ensuring our polices and processes promote and protect learner wellbeing and that while you are on programme, we teach you about the types of risk facing modern day British citizens.

This includes cyber risks, mental and physical health information, risks of radicalisation or grooming and much more. Our dedicated safeguarding officers provide:

  • Direct support to learners with a range of issues that have already caused, or could cause, harm

  • Making sure all staff are aware how to support learners and raise concerns

  • Ensuring all staff understand the symptoms of (amongst others) radicalisation / child abuse / neglect / modern slavery, so we can spot risks

  • We work with third parties to protect our learners – offering emergency and long term support

  • Monitoring children & Adults at Risk who are the subject of safeguarding concerns

  • Maintaining accurate and secure child or vulnerable adult protection records

Prevent is part of the government’s counter terrorism strategy.

At Together Training , this means we teach our staff and learners about the 4 British values: Democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and respect and tolerance.

We also work with Prevent partners to identify people at risk of being or causing terror related harm.

• Together Training  recognises that radicalisation is another form of grooming – i.e. a safeguarding issue

• Together Training  holds safeguarding at the heart of its policies processes and values, because of this:

• Together Training embraces Prevent as a way of saving peoples lives

• Your  tutors will speak to you about radicalisation and spotting the signs

Emotional and mental wellbeing is an important component of successful learning.

Understanding how to protect your mental health and promoting emotional wellbeing is part of modern British citizenship.

  • Providing safeguarding officers 

  • Providing emergency support via trained safeguarding officers

  • Providing signposting to local, National and charitable services relevant to learner needs

  • Supporting learners with Wellbeing Resources

Some Together Training learners will be in a position to utilise additional support to ensure they have an equal chance to complete their apprenticeship.

• Treat every learner individually, to assess needs and plan adjustments

• Help learners to understand their needs and work with them to plan their adjustments

• Offer practical and useful strategies for managing additional needs

• Will always try to keep things simple

• We will provide as much support for our learners to achieve on their apprenticeship

• To assist students with learning difficulties (differences) and or disabilities with their academic studies and work placements

• To provide support services internal and externally such as time management, organizational skills, stress management and support strategies

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To find out more, contact:

John McMahon

Managing Director, Together Training

Mobile: 07500 126450 

Landline: 01923 812150