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Medtronic up-skill 'middle management' with Together Training

Medtronic is a global leader in medical technology, services, and solutions, operating across many countries. In Watford, Medtronic have their UK & Ireland Head Office where key functional support and operations are performed.



Medtronic contacted Together Training to support them with their Apprenticeship Levy and upskilling of middle managers and other key talent.  

As Together Training  offer a Leadership & Management training suite in partnership with CMI, in the form of the Level 3 Team Leader and the Level 5 Operations Manager programmes, these programmes were perfect for Medtronic’s requirements.


Sam Garner Senior Business Support Manager UK & Ireland

The Apprenticeship Levy has given employees more access to specialist training, especially training that results in a certification and therefore has a market value: “All managers have a training plan at Medtronic and this forms part of our performance management objectives. This training contributes to improved performance. The level of training I received from Together Training, especially the coaching element was excellent

"Together Training's  approach is flexible and agile. Learning coaches have up to date industry knowledge to allow apprentices to develop the correct skills needed in the workplace. The training programmes for the Medtronic employees have been extremely beneficial with new skills and knowledge gained already having a positive impact. Once the programmes are complete, employees have a number of options: they can bring their learning into the workplace so performance continues to grow or they can look at taking the next programme if relevant to aid continuous learning.

Medtronic Limited would recommend Together Training as the ideal partner for organisations looking for effective and efficient ways to upskill existing employees in an agile way that works for the employer and the employee."

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