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Learner guidance for remote delivery


It is important that you are aware of the impact that your online activity can have on both yourself and other people, and the digital footprint that you create on the internet. It is easy to feel anonymous online and it’s important that you are aware of who is able to view, and potentially share, the information that you have posted.


Personal information should be kept safe and not shared with strangers.

Some online content may be hurtful or harmful to you. This is true for content accessed and viewed via social networks, online games, blogs and websites. Try to consider the reliability of online material and be aware that it might not be true or written with a bias. Only navigating sites and pages that you have selected can help to mitigate risks here.

Consider that people online may not be who they say they are and that once someone is added to an online account, you may well be sharing your personal information with them. Regularly reviewing friends’ lists and removing unwanted contacts is a useful step. Privacy settings online may also allow you to customise the information that each person is able to access.

If you are aware of inappropriate behaviour online or offline then please report it. It is important to inform a Learning Coach straight away if someone is bullying you for example, or making you feel uncomfortable. You can also contact  our Safeguarding Officer  about this, or any other matters of concern.


They can direct you towards accessing support for a variety of situations and anything raised will be dealt with discreetly and confidentially, (unless you or someone else is at immediate risk of harm).

Using Virtual Classrooms (VC’s)

Joining instructions, enabling you to access virtual classrooms so you can continue with your learning during the ongoing COVID19 pandemic will be sent to you and your managers. The same Learner Code of Conduct applies as with face-to-face delivery. Learners are reminded that comments made via any platform should be relevant to the content/delivery or the session. Any misuse of platforms will be immediately addressed and may result in sanctions being applied in line with our Code of Conduct. Inappropriate remarks and bad language will not be tolerated. Learners are also reminded that consideration of their virtual background and ensure no personal details are displayed. Learners must be suitably clothed and cameras on. 

If  would like to provide us with some feedback about your experience then please feel free to contact us by emailing :

Keeping Yourself Well

Your wellbeing is important to us. Staff will be in contact with you on a regular basis. Please use this time to access any support that you may need in relation to your programme or personal health. With information changing on a daily basis, it might be useful to limit the amount of time you watch or read the news. In relation to your programme of study, we will do our best to keep you updated of any impacts of Covid regulations.

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