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This new apprenticeship standard has been designed by employers, it can lead successful apprentices into a variety of careers structured around employability advice and progression into professional qualifications.



If you’re looking to recruit or develop your staff, delve into the latest fundamentals which equips individuals with the skills to become efficient Career Practitioners.

Level and Duration

This apprenticeship is taught at Level 6, over 24 months.

Learning Approach

There will be a blended learning approach to the training provided during this programme. 

  • Face to face

  • Masterclasses

  • Online Content

  • Coaching in the workplace

Levy Spend Approved

Together Training apprenticeships are Levy spend approved for investment from your allocation.

Qualifications Gained

  • Level 6 Career Practitioner Diploma

Modules of Study

  • Critical theory of career development practices

  • Learning skills to equip clients with career management abilities

  • Enable clients to assess their strengths and value

  • Demonstrate policy framework knowledge

  • Conduct structured career development interactions with clients

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